Tampa bay/ redfish, trout, flounder

Hello Everyone The fishing has ben excellent here in Tampa Bay for the past few weeks! The recent cool down has brought out the best in some of our resident species like big bull redfish, monster speckled trout, and doormat flounder. We also got into a random school of  around 2000 massive black-drum from 20-60lbs that was a blast for a couple weeks. Snook, bluefish, bonito, catch and release grouper, and the ever present ladyfish also made the report. Fish are transitioning to a winter time pattern after an early season cool down pushing favored species like redfish, trout and flounder into the shallows in search of warmer waters. After cold snaps, literally hundreds of these fish can be seen and fished in warmer protected areas of the flats making for some of the best sight fishing of the year. We typically catch our biggest trout from now through march when the big girls push out of the channels up into the skinny skinny. Trout to 30″ are a definite possibility on any trip from now until the spring. They are accompanied by schools of redfish up to 40″ and some large flounder. When the water warms up a bit in between fronts, these fish will spread out and feed heavily as there metabolisms rise. During these times, gold spoons are a top choice for some exciting action as well as a whole list of artificials that cover some water. Snook will begin to concentrate in warmer backwater areas near springs and rivers too during colder periods making them great targets as long as its not too cold. If the temps drop too far I dont like to target these fish because they are still on the rebound from a terrible freeze a few years ago and I dont want to fatally stress them out. Grouper are out of season but still fight just as hard. Gag grouper up to 32″ are common this time of year and through the winter as long as it doesn’t cool down too much. Bluefish and ladyfish are also randomly caught nearly anywhere deeper than a couple feet this time of year adding to the variety. The winter time fishing in Tampa Bay is the most over looked and under utilized period of the year. There are generally very few people on the water and temperatures are pleasant. Not much beats watching a monster redfish or trophy sized trout chase and inhale your bait right in front of your face either. . Don’t miss out on the action and book your trip today!   Capt. Tyler Kapela