Tampa Bay, St. Pete Beach,

The weather has been cold and windy for the past week which is bad for today but excellent for tomorrow!


When conditions like this occur, even the deepest, most protected water drops below the preferred temperature zone of most game fish. Once air temps warm up a bit those deeper zones remain cool and all of the fish are drawn to the super shallows making them easy targets for sight fishing! In fact, mild days in Feb and March often yield some of the best sight fishing of the year for redfish, snook, and especially huge trout on the flats as those fish pile into warmer, shallow, and more protected areas. The warm up also spurs the annual spawning run of massive black drum in our area! Hundreds and sometimes even thousands of these brutes form large schools around pinellas point this time of year and can be easily targeted on jigs and bait. Sheepshead, and flounder also make a strong showing this month for those bouncing a shrimp on the bottom.

Offshore- Amberjack still swarm many of the springs and wrecks in the 10+ mile range. Grouper are definite possibilities as well when dropping a large live bait. Ledges in the same depth zone will hold a mixed bag of hogfish, porgies, grunts, and large mangrove snapper.